FEMADUDE DISASTER TIP – A page from my book – – this book can help you before, during and most importantly AFTER THE DISASTER.
You can’t stop a natural disaster from occurring, nor can you prevent a lot of other things from going wrong. What you can do is prepare and protect yourself and your loved ones in the years, months, weeks or even days before something transpires. Having an emergency supply kit is great, but there is so much more that you need to know in order to prevent the very worst – what I call “the disaster after the disaster” from happening when crisis actually strikes. Some of you might not have considered this or have an adequate disaster preparation plan until it is way, way too late.
After spending over 25 years working closely with disaster victims, I have found that two of the most important matters people are either not adequately informed of, or even are often misinformed about are INSURANCE and FEMA policies and procedures.
When a disaster strikes, hopefully you will have insurance and it will be the right kind of insurance. You will be able to call your company, they will send an adjuster to inspect your property and you’ll be compensated adequately. At the same time, whether you have insurance or not, you may also need FEMA assistance. It might be extremely difficult for you to understand just how FEMA works.¹ I have witnessed many lives destroyed by this lack of information and as a result became convinced to write this book.
In my years of doing contract FEMA work, I can tell you without the least bit of doubt that disasters can hit you physically by causing injury to yourself or to family members, financially by damaging your home and your belongings, or by destroying everything altogether. They also often hit you mentally and emotionally by leaving you terrorized or fearful both during the disaster and the aftermath. A disaster can even hit you at such a deep level that you feel nothing but despair. You may end up thinking everything has been lost – including hope. I regularly encounter people wondering how or if they can ever live in their homes again. They also may be realizing at the same time that they had failed to prepare for any sort of disaster. Or, they may discover that they never actually had adequate insurance coverage although they paid high premiums faithfully thinking that they did.
It does not have to be this way! And why I’m providing you with the very valuable, even lifesaving information and advice contained in this book.
To demonstrate what I mean by “life-saving” information, let me begin with one of the main reasons I became convinced that reading this book could save not only your quality of life, but perhaps your actual life or the life of a loved one.
Pick one up today or at least tell your neighbors about this very important manual, that can make the difference in getting the most disaster relieve funds from FEMA or your Insurance.

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