FEMADUDE DISASTER TIP – When disaster strikes remember 3 very important things, although there are many others covered in my book. PHOTOS/VIDEO, RECEIPTS, HOUSEHOLD INVENTORY SHEETS. 1. After the disaster, treat your home as a crime scene and photograph and video everything, before you start any clean up, for proof of damages. Fema and your Insurance may want to see them. 2. Save every single receipt – hotels, clothing, repair materials etc. no matter how insignificant. Fema, Insurance and the IRS are going to want to see them. 3. Fill out household inventory sheets as soon as possible (which should have been filled out, before the disaster), so you have a paper trail of all you personal property. Fema may want to see them, but your insurance definitely will want to see these filled out as soon as possible. The longer you take on filling out these sheets, the longer its going to take the insurance company to settle with you. NOTE ( you never see these sheets until after a disaster and you call your insurance company and an adjuster gives them to you to fill out) there is an excellent copy of these sheets in the back of my book. Learn all about this kind of info in my book, so you receive all the money you deserve.     DISASTER  MANUAL

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