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Kellen Winslow Never Gives Up!!


Who will ever forget the “EPIC in MIAMI” the greatest game ever played the divisional playoff game between Chargers vs Dolphins. Everyone on the team gave 110 percent in that game and left it all on the field. Charlie Joiner, Wes Chandler, James Brooks, Dan Fouts and Kellen Winslow who had to have two of […]



Some celebrities that may want to help with my Non-profit foundation HULK HOGAN “HE ROCKS” and helps out so many foundations !!!!! He knows how to give back for everything he has received in his life. We need more celebrities like HULK HOGAN. When he is at a show, media moment or dinner,  he […]



HEY #ERICWEDDLE FANS AND CHARGER FANS – Check out a few of these photos from past Weddle family tailgate parties. (pictures below – Eric’s camero, with a FAN, he is always there for the handicap, and the last picture is Eric’s nephew, Eric, his auntie Linda who I dated, and me. Eric is a model […]



See this video from the #freckszone with #TimColceri from #Fullmetaljacket These are out takes from the edit room floor. Sorry I meant to say former marine, actor, comedian, director, and acting coach. What can I say, he is always the life of the party or book signing. I got a lot of requests for more […]

Dan Dierdorf


Dan Dierdorf a NFL Hall of Famer who was fast, quick, disciplined, intelligent, and consistence. Went to the pro-bowl 6 times, all-pro five years and named best blocker in the NFL 3 years in a row. How did he do all that, he had heart, love for the game and most of all he wanted […]

Motley Crew


Even Motley Crew members like Vince Neil and Tommy Lee know how rough it can get that one of their concerts. So, just like a disaster, they have the right kind of insurance to cover the band, roadies, and the fans in case it gets way out of hand. Like a rock concert it is […]