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OK, so who is the famous person in the photo with me??? One hint, he is not that tall, he is standing on a chair next to me, because everyone in his family is kind of short (like most actors) and he wanted to be the tall guy in the photo. Hint 2, his brother […]



Junior Seau worked very hard to be one of the best Samoans to ever play in the NFL. I had the chanced to meet him and his family on Nouou island, while I was doing FEMA inspections in Pago Pago after Typhoon Heta. They were very proud of Junior and they honored him with all […]

Michael Madsen


Who is Mr Blonde in Reservoir Dogs ??? Well it is none other than Michael Madsen. He knows its important to be well trained, prepared and scary as his character was in Reservoir Dogs. You want to be scary when you face your Insurance company after a disaster. So, be like Mr Blonde and don’t […]