A lot of the fire victims in the #Campfire in Paradise CA. wish they had known about this book, before the fire struck. 1000’s of them are learning the hard way about dealing with FEMA and most of all the insurance companies. The RED tape is enormous and goes on for months and months. Being a FEMA and inspector for 29 years I compiled information that is vital for disaster victims recovery. Every home in America should have this book in their kitchen drawer, so you know what to do before disaster strikes as well as what to do after the event is over. 1000’s of victims of this wild fire are finding out the insurance is not your friend and will do everything they can not to pay your claim in full. Many of the fire victims are only getting a portion for what they should have really received, but they didn’t know how to deal with the insurance company. Read this book and learn what you need to know to battle with your insurance company and come out on top. You deserve to be paid in full for all the years you have been paying your premiums. Don’t be taken advantage of by your insurance company fight back . This book is like superman and it will help save the day!!!! Watch the video

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