FEMADUDE DISASTER VIDEO TIPS – for St Louis Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas flood victims

Watch this video and learn where to get the help you need and the money you deserve to rebuild and refurnish your home after the flood.    Are you prepared for all the RED TAPE and delays that FEMA and your insurance company are going to throw at you. First of all, remember to treat your disaster like a crime scene, when you return to your home, take Photos, Videos, and save ALL receipts before, during and after clean up. I MEAN ALL RECEIPTS including hotels, clean up, rebuilding, refurnishing, replacing personal property, everything that the flooding made you buy. Call FEMA and your Insurance company asap to assure your first in, first out, especially if you have had major damages. If your damages are not that bad and you can get bye for a few days, weeks etc, please call at a later time to let the severely damaged homes get AID first. NOT to worry, FEMA will be around for over 60 days, so there will be plenty of time to call in for AID. Just make sure and document everything as you clean up. It is Very important to make sure and get a good picture of a water line for proof of how deep the water was in your home. There are so many things you need to know on how to deal with your disaster. Make it easy on yourself and buy this book, “Disaster Manual for Financial Recovery”, which will guide you thru your disaster recovery. Even if you don’t think its that bad, go to this web site ( and plug in how deep the water was and the square footage of your home and it will tell you financially how bad the damage is to your home. A 1200 square foot home with 6 inches of water will cost about 30,000 dollars to rebuild & refurnish. CHECK OUT THIS BOOK – – it has all the answers they don’t want you to know about, to receive the MOST DISASTER RELIEF FUNDS!!! PLEASE READ ALL MY BLOGS ON THIS WEBSITE TO HELP YOU RECOVER – – If anyone has any connections with TV or RADIO stations for a interview, please have them contact me, I do great interviews, that will help the flood victims even more. [email protected]  #femadude #NFIP #TWC #WUTV #REDCROSS #NBCNEWS #ABCNEWS #CBSNEWS #FOXNEWS ‪‬ ‪‬ ‪#Vegas ‪ ‪#Storms#Stormchasers#Emergencypreparedness‬ ‪#Noaa #Flood #Disasterrecovery #northeaster2017 #CNN #TODAY #CAFLOOD #tornadorecovery #FLOODINSURANCE 

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