How It Works

Besides selling shirts, hats and jackets we are going to do the following to get people to donate. Some people may just donate because it’s going toward a good cause and run by ex-FEMA inspectors who have been there and know the situation ten-fold. This foundation is owned and operated by ex-FEMA inspectors which is going to make a huge difference in the help we offer because we all have been there hundreds of times living right alongside the disaster victims in the same conditions.

We are going to have a raffle portion where exciting dreams come true based on the more raffle tickets you buy (donation dollars) the more chances you have to win that dream ADVENTURE. Examples would be driving in a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger, dinner with Pamela Anderson, going out on the town with Brad Pitt, backstage for a meet and greet with your favorite rock star, going to a baseball, football or basketball game with your favorite athlete or favorite team, or even be an extra in a sitcom or movie. The list is endless.

This is where you tell us what your dream adventure would be and we will make it happen, depending on the price of the experience usually. Anything is possible for the right price, but the thing to remember is that a lot of celebrities love to give back and this being a disaster relief foundation the possibilities could also be endless. Maybe it’s not even a celebrity that you want to experience doing something with but something that is impossible for the average person to attain, but may be able to accomplish with our connections and what the donation money is going to be used for. Email us your dream adventure and we will see if we can make it happen.

This section we believe will really grow and offer a lot of different experiences that celebrities may be able to offer. A lot of celebrities are very competitive so we put the celebrities up against each other and see who can get the most dollars donated for an unbelievable ADVENTURE. The sky is the limit on this one. Celebrities will compete to have the most exciting offer and the amount will be posted that each celebrity brings in. This is all part of the Celebrities 4 Disaster Relief. They can’t always be there to help out and let people know they care and that they want to do more to help out, but they can’t always be available because they are filming a move, sitcom, playing their sport. I have personally seen the uplifting effects a celebrity has on a disaster when they show up and give support. In this way, through my foundation, we will bring the disaster to the celebrity when they can make dream adventures come true and we will post where their donation monies went to help people hit hard from a disaster. We will post the totals of what the celebrities bring in annually and see who was the greatest celebrity disaster relief money maker. (We may only list the top 10) We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and most definitely not single anyone out since anything, big or small, will help the disaster victims.

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