This is a damaging combination, especially when you add a little wind and 5 more days of rain. You need to inspect the trees around your home and see if there are any signs of movement, leaning or anything unusual about the trees around your home and your neighbors home. Most insurance companies do not cover tree damage to a home because QUOTE – ” It was an act of God”. If your car gets damaged by a tree from your yard, most insurance companies will not cover you car damage, unless it was totaled. So, you better hope for a direct hit or they will not cover cosmetic damage. The Insurance company figures you should have taken better care of your trees and any potential risk or that you should not have parked your car where a tree might fall on it. Plus, you don’t even want to know what happens when your neighbors tree damages your home or car, it will be a long battle for both neighbors to get the insurance company to pay on damages. I saw this scenario 1000’s of times in Florida after the 4 hurricanes that hit there in 2004. There were so many oak trees that fell, that it caused a flood of oak on the world market and dropped the price significantly. Check your insurance and see if by chance you have a golden policy or if your going to be forking out the money to repair damages to your home, car or your neighbors personal property. #femadude #windinsurance #floodinsurance img_4211img_4214img_4218img_4212img_4219

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