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FEMADUDE Disaster Tip #20


FEMADUDE Disaster Tip – Read the back of my disaster manual, filled with all the info FEMA and your Insurance company don’t want you to know about, to get the MOST disaster relief funds possible!!! Read my book marks too. The picture of the destroyed house on the cover Is from Hurricane HUGO 1989 my […]



FEMADUDE DISASTER VIDEO TIPS for your Finanical Recovery from The historic FLOODING in #CAFLOOD & #NVFLOOD17 -Are you prepared for some of the worst flooding in 20 years, read this blog and watch the videos. https://youtu.be/iWV_dvyf3Ic Remember to treat your disaster like a crime scene, when you return to your home, take Photos, Videos, and […]



Some celebrities that may want to help with my Non-profit foundation Celebrities4DisasterRelief.org HULK HOGAN “HE ROCKS” and helps out so many foundations !!!!! He knows how to give back for everything he has received in his life. We need more celebrities like HULK HOGAN. When he is at a show, media moment or dinner,  he […]



See this video from the #freckszone with #TimColceri from #Fullmetaljacket These are out takes from the edit room floor. Sorry I meant to say former marine, actor, comedian, director, and acting coach. What can I say, he is always the life of the party or book signing. I got a lot of requests for more […]

Dan Dierdorf


Dan Dierdorf a NFL Hall of Famer who was fast, quick, disciplined, intelligent, and consistence. Went to the pro-bowl 6 times, all-pro five years and named best blocker in the NFL 3 years in a row. How did he do all that, he had heart, love for the game and most of all he wanted […]