FEMADUDE TRAVEL TIP – This tip is so you can experience the Mother of all Halloweens. For 27 years I have traveled with FEMA to all the US states and its territories and have 100’s of travel tips that I’am going to be sharing over the next few months. This one is in the top 10 for excitement. What you need to do, is go to Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay Florida on Halloween night and get the living Hell scared out of you. No KIDDING!! You have to go on Halloween night and you will be amazed that there is hardly anyone there. REALLY!!! Once at the park, you will have about 20 different haunted houses to walk thru and they are really scary, not to mention as you walk around the park to each haunted house, all kinds of creatures and going to be jumping out, over and around you, when you least expect it, don’t worry there are plenty of bathrooms to clean your shorts from these scary creatures of the night.

Ok, now for the best part of all. Have you ever wanted to be a test pilot for NASA, well on Halloween night you will feel like one, just like I did 2 years in a row. Here’s the deal. NO ONE is at the park and I rode Busch Gardens 4 biggest, fastest and scariest roller coasters 9 times each for a total of 36 rides. NO LINES. I sat in the front, back, middle on all of them. I still laugh about all the signs I saw on the walk to get on the loading area for the rides. 3 hours from here, 2 hours from here, one hour from here REALLY!! I DON’T DO LINES !!! So if you want to ride all the rides at Busch Gardens with no lines, go on Halloween night its a REAL KILLER!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA LOL LOL LOL BOO BOO BOO Here are the ones I Rode non-stop Montu, Sheikra, Kumba, Scorpion and you will be able to fit in the GIGANTIC GWAZI ROLLER COASTER TOO!!! #Freckszone #Femadude #Dustinthewind #RollerCoasters #BuschGardens #halloween #Florida

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