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Weather Radios Could Save Your Life

emergency weather radio

Many people, even those who consider themselves survivalists and ready for anything the world could throw at them, don’t realize the importance of a #weatherradio. They feel that any type of radio is adequate enough to stay informed during a disaster. However, an actual weather radio is a bit different, and it could actually save your […]

Stockpiling for Disaster


No one likes the idea of being in a disaster. People hate thinking about it. That’s where they get into trouble. If you aren’t thinking about it, then you aren’t preparing for it. If you aren’t preparing, then you won’t be surviving. Disasters can strike at any time. From natural disasters to man made attacks, […]



FEMADUDE DISASTER VIDEO TIPS PT2 FOR HURRICANE MATTHEW VICTIMS – everyone knows someone in the hurricane disaster areas in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina why not help them and send them this video link https://youtu.be/2ZTAAasbmwE IT COULD SAVE THEM 1000’S and help them get the money they deserve to rebuild. CHECK OUT THIS […]

Is FEMA Ready for the Next Katrina?


Is FEMA Ready for the Next Katrina?   Everyone remembers the disaster of Hurricane Katrina and all of the deaths and issues that followed. While it’s impossible to stop hurricanes and other natural disasters, it is possible to improve the way that the government responds to and handles them. Without a doubt, they handled #HurricaneKatrina […]

An El Nino winter is on the way! Disaster Manual for Financial Recovery just released this week!

Disaster Recovery Manual

As a 25-year veteran #FEMAinspector, I’ve heard this thousands of times, “I paid my insurance company for 40 years and never knew I wasn’t cover for this!” Don’t find yourself in a similar predicament when part or all of your personal property and home is destroyed by a disaster. Disaster Recovery Manual: A Self Help Guide […]