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Disaster Prep for Families

  When you read most survival articles and manuals, the information tends to steer toward the adult segment of the population. Of course, we all know that it’s not just the adults that need to know what to do in a survival situation, and you can’t only prepare your home and survival shelter for the […]

An El Nino winter is on the way! Disaster Manual for Financial Recovery just released this week!

Disaster Recovery Manual

As a 25-year veteran #FEMAinspector, I’ve heard this thousands of times, “I paid my insurance company for 40 years and never knew I wasn’t cover for this!” Don’t find yourself in a similar predicament when part or all of your personal property and home is destroyed by a disaster. Disaster Recovery Manual: A Self Help Guide […]

The Story of Hurricane Hugo


The first disaster call that I received was for #HurricaneHugo. This storm would really define my first days as a FEMA inspector. This storm twisted steel and gobbled up thousands of homes. I headed into it without any real understanding of what was sitting in my path. Date: September 22, 1989 Highest Sustained Winds: 160 […]