FEMA Inspector Robert Winter Announces Kickstarter for New Eye-Opening Memoir, Dust in the Wind

Robert Winter, a 25-year FEMA veteran, has today announced the launch of his Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of Dust in the Wind, a revealing behind the scenes book.

Las Vegas, Nevada, May 27, 2014 – Robert Winter, a one-time contractor turned FEMA inspector, has dozens of stories to share, ranging from touching tales of compassion and loss to tragedy and the triumph of the human spirit over all odds. He also has vital information for anyone caught in a disaster. Those are only a few of the things found in his new memoir, Dust in the Wind.

“I’ve got hours and hours of stories,” Winter said of his new book. “I’ve seen the human condition at its best and at its worst. I’ve personally bent the rules to the breaking point to help disaster victims when no one else would. These are everyone’s stories – no one is immune to natural disaster. They hit in beautiful, tropical spots, as well as colder climates, from Hawaii to New Jersey.”

To date, Robert Winter has invested over $13,000 in the creation of Dust in the Wind. The new Kickstarter campaign will raise funds to cover the final push to publication, as well as marketing the book. Some of the most significant costs that must be covered include editing, review by a lawyer (he’s discussing a government agency, after all), and website creation.

Dust in the Wind contains dozens of heartwarming and heartbreaking tales of real people faced with unimaginable adversity. It’s not all adventure stories, though. “I have what comes out of these experiences,” Winter adds. “I infused Dust in the Wind with knowledge, advice, and the kind of information you only get from being a FEMA inspector for 25 years. I share how to reduce the impact of a disaster on your home and life, how to work with insurance companies, and how to get the best FEMA inspection possible.”

Dust in the Wind is a vital read for anyone, but Robert needs help getting it to print. To contribute, visit his Kickstarter page. Alternatively, readers can reserve a copy at

About Robert Winter: Robert Winter is a 25-year veteran FEMA inspector, bodyguard, and world-karate champion, and Dust in the Wind is his eye-opening, behind the scenes memoir.

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